Coaching: The Key to Better Leadership

Coaching helps people produce great results in their careers or organizations. At Rise Above Coaching, I personally provide coaching to executives, managers, teams, and individuals. My objective is to unleash a person’s potential to get impressive results.

Programs Offered


Executive Leadership Coaching: Leadership Momentum Program

We believe the most successful leaders are the best communicators when they are self-aware. Leadership transformation emerges through listening, connecting, establishing trusting relationships, and the ability to inspire others to adopt and act on a vision that captures the best of what is and what could be. 

Managers Coaching: Managers Momentum Program

Whether you are a fist-time manager or a highly seasoned manager, leading teams and working with individuals to achieve corporate objectives requires a diverse skill set. We believe the art of managing depends on a manager disciplined practice, heightened awareness and co-creating the capacity to consistently take well-reasoned actions.  

Team Coaching: Team Momentum Program

We believe empowered teams focus on purpose, goals, relationships and an unwavering commitment to results that benefit the organization and everyone. key to team performance is always open lines of communication to provide motivation, maintain interest and promote cooperation. Team dynamic is active when decision-making boundaries are constructed with enough room for individuals to make empowered choices.

Individual Coaching: Professional Development Program

We believe each person is whole, resourceful and creative. No matter where you are in your path career path — recent graduate, mid-level, C-level executive or transitioning careers, we will work with you to develop the tools and skills for more personal fulfillment in your personal or professional life.