To support our clients by guiding them through their own authentic and creative process that inspires them to transform their professional and personal potential.


Making every life moment count, powered by an individual’s unique gifts.


To support our clients by guiding them through their own authentic and creative process that inspires them to transform their professional and personal potential.

  • Partnership - Co-creating learning, actions, and new perspectives
  • Authenticity - Communicating with integrity, honesty, and sincerity
  • Inclusion - Space of belonging, supportive environment
  • Resilience - Celebrating lessons learned, growth and self-commitment
  • Support - Providing flexible guidance that is useful and meaningful


True Potential

"In my career and personal journey, I have worked with people who are mission-driven, purposeful, and making a difference in the world. I also live by these values. I have mastered the art of partnering with people, teams, and organizations to help them unleash their potential to maximize their performance."

- Joyce Weru,
Founder and President, Rise Above Coaching


Great Purpose

Helping organizations and people discover where they are and where they want to be. Motivation to transform your organizational culture through sustainable change, growth, and resilience.

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Founder and C.E.O

Joyce Weru is a powerhouse of authenticity and energetic warmth in service of her clients. She has more than 15 years of organizational and leadership development experience working with people from diverse backgrounds to expand their potential. Through her extraordinary human relations skills and life experiences, Joyce’s natural warm energy empowers others to address communication issues and management conundrums by inspiring their natural creativity and resourcefulness. Joyce is highly skilled at offering kindness, compassion, and brave space for exploration to people when they face difficult choices, situations, or decisions. She is committed to awakening the potential in others and expanding choice and possibility in their lives. 

Joyce Weru has coached people from all levels of the workforce and cultural backgrounds, from senior executives to entry-level professionals. She has a proven record of helping people become better authentic communicators and achieve a greater sense of purpose. Her communication approach is direct, practical, and compassionate. Her global work highlights include experience in supporting and coaching leadership on a broad spectrum of management-related topics to ensure achievement of an organization's business goals: experience leading and motivating teams, communication, diversity, and Inclusion.

Joyce’s experiences as a human resources executive, manager, colleague, employee, coach and mother, inform her coaching approach, enabling her to have a unique 360-degree understanding of diverse situations — the challenges and opportunities for the individual and the company as a whole. Whether working with leaders, individuals or teams, Joyce uses her kind-hearted, boundless, enthusiastic, joyous, and determined style to help everyone rise above and create excellence in their lives.




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